Absent through the summer

Absent through the summer

I didn’t mean to be so absent. There were so many times when I would think… “I should write a post about this…” But did not. I went home to Texas for a few weeks to be consumed by the heat and spend some time with family and friends. It was really great being back and I realized the previous 6 months were the longest I’d ever been away from Texas. I came to appreciate San Antonio in a way I didn’t think possible even though I was perfectly happy to wave farewell to her again. To get things kicked off again and start blogging on a more regular basis I thought I’d talk about a few things I did while in The Friendly State and then write a few posts that go into more detail. So here goes…

Did a little floatin’ and swimming in Austin with a good friend of mine. Lying in the sun and warm water with a cold beer in my hand while catching up with my girl and her excellent swimmer of a dog was the perfect way to start off the visit.


Eating in Austin did not let me down and I must say that I was so good about photographing what I ate in the UK and I COMPLETELY FORGOT to photograph most of the delicious goodness in Austin. Except for these little babies…


First time I’d been to Gordoughs and I was so glad after leaving this lovely setting, and rubbing my belly as I went into a sugar coma, that there is not one anywhere near London.

I went back to San Antone where I worked a temp job for a few weeks to make some dough and remember what it was like to work again. I scanned docs all day for a geotech firm. I remembered what being stuck in traffic was like and so I downloaded an app for the VIA bus system. This was in an attempt to retreat from my friend’s Air Conditionless truck which she so graciously let me borrow and laughed hysterically when I saw what it would take to trade in my 40 minute drive. First of all, from my mom’s I would have to take a car even to get to a bus stop since there are no sidewalks out there. Then I’d have to change buses 3 times and it would take over 2 hours!!!!! This trip would have taken me about 35 minutes in London. Result? New appreciation for London’s public transportation. Actually… appreciation for ALL of the UK’s public transportation. Trains people… trains and buses should work together to get people from A to B. Cars should be the last options… not the first.

My aunt and uncle came for a visit bringing my little cousin with them. It was fun spending time with all of them and we did quite a bit in the few days of their visit.

We went to watch a demonstration at the Garcia Art Glass, always so much fun to see them creating those fantastic glass pieces. Then I marinated in the deliciousness of the BEST FISH TACOS in San Antonio at El Mirador.

After that we headed to the Natural Bridges Cavern and climbed 180′ into the Earth where after we oohhhh’d and ahhhh’d we climbed the steep path out and promptly sat down, dripping from the humidity and feeling extremely grateful for the breeze… and the trough of ice that held the drinks at the little concession stand immediately at the exit. Yes, I realize that was the longest sentence I’ve ever written. No, there’s no picture of us after all of that humidity.

We wandered around the Pearl and I was surprised to see some of the changes. When I left the AIA was still officed out of the first floor and it obviously had moved. It was dead… no one walking around, except us of course. Seems a shame and the opposite affect of the original intent of the design objective to liven up the area. All of the pedestrian traffic was located in the newer part of The Pearl leaving the huge open air corridor of sort empty with its Big Ass Fans. A shame. The hotel renovation was well under way and I can’t wait to see it all finished. Maybe I’ll stay in it to see what the interiors are like on my next visit. I was shocked to see all of the new trees and raised planting areas at the waterfall. Honestly not sure I like it, but nobody asked me did they?

We went to Augie’s Barbed Wire BBQ for dinner and once again I was delirious from the goodness. I love Augie’s. The smell doesn’t hit you in the face when you walk in, it embraces you like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. So good.

The next day we went to the LBJ Ranch and had a lovely little picnic before they headed back North and mom and I headed south.

I’ll unashamedly admit that I enjoy the hell out of Jim’s and Taco Bell while I was there. Jim’s, Taco Bell, Mama Marggie’s, Bill Miller (of course), Taco Cabana, tried Raising Cane’s for the first time too. Foolishly chose KFC chicken over Bill’s once and was reminded that while I love KFC’s cole slaw… their chicken holds no competition to Bill’s. I’m sorry Mr Miller, thank you for taking me back after my slip.

Jim’s is really underrated I think. I couldn’t seem to get enough of their biscuits and sausage gravy, BLTs and tortilla soup… especially the tortilla soup. Which reminds me to google the recipe…

Met some good friends at The Cove for a catchup. Realized I prefer it to The Friendly Spot. I was reminded how San Antonio loves to bring their kids to bars… which made me think that The Friendly Spot and The Cove sort of reminded me of the British pub (stay with me here)… you go and can eat, watch TV, visit or sit in silence, bring your kids, bring your dog, bring your kid’s dog… Just wish it was common practice for those parents to take a cab or walk home after and not get in the car with their ENTIRE family and drive home after a few.

There were friends and places I didn’t see and wish I had, but all in all it was a good trip. I’m in the UK again and spending the next few months in Birmingham. New adventures. Lots to blog about in general so the posts will be random with what I’m finding in Brum, what I did in London over the past months, visits to Scotland and Texas and of course, food.

I think that’s long enough for now, right?


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