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Hi there. My name is Ändrea and I’m a recovering architect who works as a construction consultant. I went to school for years, worked in a few offices for a few more, got my license and finally realized that working for a firm just wasn’t a good fit for me. I still love architecture and design, I’m just not fond of participating in the practice of it in the way I was. So, I am exploring how I can put a new use to my accumulated knowledge and interests. No matter where I am my instincts tell me to look up and around at the spaces around me and all of their details. I still wonder how things are put together and feel the need to touch walls, rails, furniture… everything really, to see what the finish is.

I have always loved traveling and fell into some luck in 2014 that let me spend some time in the UK to explore for a bit. I got to learn about a new culture and train my ears to the many dialects of the United Kingdom and explore the way it was built. I grew up in Texas but moved up to Denver, Colorado in 2016 to hang out with the mountains and make a new home.

As I go along I am in search of a perch from where I can observe the world and enjoy all of its fine details. I’ll share with you what I see along the way.

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    • I realize that I am replying almost a year later. Shame on me! I’m glad to know there are other people who can relate! I saw on your list that you’re looking for a pen pal. You mean old school with actual stamps or a 21st century email pen pal?

      • Hah! I had to remind myself of what I wrote! I mean an old school pen pal with stamps (that are now ridiculously expensive) and letters that are covered in cringy stickers.

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