A Narrative of Light and Shadow – Female Photographers from Taiwan

A Narrative of Light and Shadow – Female Photographers from Taiwan

Today I was wandering around the University of Edinburgh and came upon the School of Art and Architecture. While there, I visited the Matthew Architecture Gallery and I am so glad I did.

A table sat at the entrance and a sweet young lady told me that it was free and handed me a program. She explained that the exhibit was a collection of photographs taken by women of Taiwan.
20140611-172615-62775829.jpgSome people are of the opinion that, when viewing art, one should study the piece first and then read what is written about it, if anything is written at all. That way you can have an unbiased viewing. Sometimes when I do this I’m way off of what I thought the artist was going for but can see their perspective, other times I’m  filled with sudden overwhelming anger and disapproval and other times I am lifted and filled with inspiration and enlightenment.
This worked out because when I walked in I immediately went to the left and worked my way around the room. The photographs were displayed first, then a board describing the artist and her intentions.

There was a video also, each artist was interviewed. 20140611-172615-62775543.jpg

The exhibit only inspired the first and last of the 3 previously described reactions. My absolute favorite and one I would actually love to own and spend time studying each week was by Wang Hsiao-Chin titled Mother’s Time Chart.

It made me smile and stand and stare for a good while. So much happening, so clever and so heartwarming. In the video she talks about her life and how she always felt that becoming a mother meant she had to give up her wants and focus entirely on her child. As her son has grown, she has realized that it’s ok and actually beneficial to her child for her to continue on with her love of art and her own personal development. I’m paraphrasing here…

Then as I was leaving the lady manning the table handed me this package and told me it was a gift for visiting the exhibit. Well, thank you!20140611-172616-62776460.jpg



Lucky Box put together20140611-172617-62777428.jpg
I’ll take all of those for my life, thanks.

If you’re in the area or are going to be stop in and see this exhibit.
This is the info for Edinburgh:
2014.06.02 – 2014.06.13 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)
The Matthew Architecture Gallery
School of Arts, Culture and Environment, University of Edinburgh
Minto House, 20 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Looks like it’s on display in Houston, Texas too because when I was trying to find something online about it the O’Kane Gallery at the University of Houston came up.

This exhibit is making its way around the world and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it today.

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