4700 miles of communication

When my honey and I first started talking I really didn’t think we’d still be talking a year later. He lives in Scotland and I live in Texas and well, there’s something about 4700 miles and a 6 hour time difference that provides a certain amount of resistance to the communication in a relationship. For the first month we emailed everyday, multiple times a day. He would call me a few times a week and we’d talk for an hour or so. I can’t even imagine what his phone bills were like. I also got an international texting plan and did my little math and figured I could text him 3 times a day and my 100 texts per month would serve me just fine.

Then in the second month a few wonderful things happened. First, I wised up and got on Skype with the helpful suggestion of someone who was also in a LDR (long distance relationship…obviously). Second, I realized (with the help of my cell provider) that iMessages aren’t texts, ya dumbie! Because they are sent through good ole 3G internet I can SMS him to my hearts content. Except when the weather’s bad over there or depending on where he is my texts go through as those little green monsters, but I kept that international plan for those special occasions. It’s only $10 a month…

So once Skype accounts were established we started having Skype dates atleast once a week, now they’re more like twice a week. Those would, and still do, last for hours.

He came over to see me after about 3 months of chatting and emailing, stayed for about 6 days. It was magical and I was hooked, lucky for me he was too. So then about 4 months in we started to Facetime during the day. I would go to my office (AKA the women’s bathroom) and we would say “hi” and “how ya doing?” and “you’re looking super cute today” for about 5 minutes. Sometimes we just stare at each other… I know it’s gross but I love his face. Then he went on a business trip to a place that didn’t have the greatest wifi and no 3G service which made Facetiming infuriating. So we would record little less than a minute videos and iMessage or email them to each other. This was wonderful, because let me tell you after talking to him everyday for 4 months, it is painful to go more than day without hearing his voice now.

I’m about to be tested with that again because he’s going “walking” which we Americans call hiking, and there will be no signal in the Highlands where he’s heading for 2 days. It’ll be good for us, good but painful. So, to this day, 11 months later, we still use all of these lovely forms of communication. I went to see him 8 months in, again 10 months in and he’s coming here in a few weeks.

I do miss him like crazy, and every time I’m with him it’s harder to leave because I never get sick of the guy. I mean I like my alone time, but in the couple of times that we’ve spend 7 days straight together I’ve never thought, “God I wish he’d go for a walk by himself…”. That’s how I know he’s a keeper, because I’ve never felt that way about ANYONE, I’m talking friends, family, old boyfriends. After about 3 days (less for some) I’m ready to be on my own again, but not with my honey. So for those who are starting a LDR, don’t despair. It can work, but you do have to be crazy about the other person. And well, I basically feel like I don’t have a choice in the matter, like it’s a done deal for my heart.

Not really sure how long we’ll live so far apart. I’m trying to get my license for my profession before I start to hard core apply for jobs over there, I’m almost there. Which I know will be a whole other frustrating adventure… possibly like trying to Facetime with crappy Wifi…”I can hear you but I can’t see you… oh wait I can see something… why is the screen all green?”

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